Transfer of Residence Certificate Pakistan



Months May Be Condoned By The Assistant Collector Connected With Customs. If This Total Period Connected With Short Visits Exceeds  Two Months, The Additional Collector Of Customs May Condone Exactly The Same On Sufficient Justification Provided By The Family Upto

An Overall When A Family Returns To Be Able To Pakistan For Buying Permanent Residence Soon After A Stay Abroad Of Under Two Years, Caused By Privilege Leave Or Even For Reasons Outside Of Control, Such Since Exigencies Of Support, Earlier Recall Simply By Employer, Ill Well Being Or Bereavement, And That He Or She Has Not Sooner Availed Any Concession Underneath These Rules Over The Past Two Years,
An Occasion Of Two Months Short Stay Might Be Condoned By An Specialist Of Customs Not Necessarily Below The Rank Associated With An  Assistant Collector. When The Total Period Of Brief Stay Exceeds 8 Weeks, The Additional Enthusiast Of Customs May Condone The Exact    Same On Sufficient Justification Provided By The Pakistani Country Wide Upto A Total Amount Of Four Months.


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