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Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan

Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan

Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan

If you are living in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, you are in Pakistan.

The relevant district police office has to go

original CNIC. Card and an original PASSPORT.

Must be accompanying by three- photo and a photocopy of all papers

The office has to fill out

If anyone has gone abroad to his brother or a father or mother

The authority letter is sent to the relevant office

The authority letter must be verified by the respective country’s Pakistani Embassy.

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That you simply Request A Police Character Certificate From Concerned Police Division. Need Papers Police Character Certificate

Copy Associated Using Applicant’s Cnic (Valid & Attested)
Backup Of Parent’s Cnic (Valid & Attested)
Applicant’s Passport
Latest Passport Size Pics With Blue Back-Ground
If Some Regarding Above Document Will be Missing, In That Case Another solution Affidavit Will Be Produce To Process Police officers
Clearance Certificate.

What’s Police Clearance Certification Issuance Period.?

Issuance Period For Police Clearance Qualifications Is Approx. 10-15 Company Days In Low Complex Cases, And when Some Of Proof Is ,
Also Depends From the Law & Order Situation From your City. Why Police officers Clearance Certificate Is necessary For Police Clearance
Certificates Are expected For The Following Processes.

Police Character Certificate For Immigration Procedure
Police Character Certificate For Visa
Police Character Certificate For Marriages In another country
Police Character Certificate For Jobs & Work
Police Character Certificate For Admissions
If your Existing Police Character Certificate Is Lost As well as Expired

اگر آپ لاہور پنجاب پاکستان میں رہ رہے ہیں پاکستان کے اندر موجود ہیں آپکو پولیس کیریکٹر سرٹیفیکٹ کی ضرورت ہے چاہے وہ پاکستان میں نوکری کے لۓ ضرورت ہو یا بیرون ملک امیگریشن یا ویزا کیلۓ ضرورت ہو آپکو ہی لازمی بنوانا ہوتا ہے
متعلقہ ضلعی پولیس آفس جانا پڑتا ہے
اورجنل شناختی کارڈ اور اورجنل پاسپورٹ
تین عدد تصاویر اور سب کے سب کاغذات کی فوٹو کاپی ہمراہ ہونا لازمی ہے
آفس ہذا سے فارم لیکر اس کو Fill کرنا ہوتا ہے

اگر کوئ بیرون ملک گیا ہے وہ اپنے بھائ یا والد یا والدہ کو
اتھارٹی لیٹر دیکر متعلقہ آفس بھجوا نا ہوتا ہے
اتھارٹی لیٹر متعلقہ ملک کی پاکستانی ایمبیسی سے تصدیق ہونا لازمی ہوتی ہے

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