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Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan

Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan

Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan

Police Character Certificate Lahore Pakistan
If you are living in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, then you are in Pakistan.

One has to go to the concerned district police office.

Original CNIC. Card and original passport.

Must be accompanied by three photographs and photocopies of all documents.

You have to go to the office and fill the form.

If one is abroad. So he has to send the authorization letter to his father or mother or brother after getting it verified by the Embassy of Pakistan

The authorization letter is sent to the concerned office.

The authorization letter must be verified by the Pakistani Embassy of the concerned country.

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That you only apply for Police Character Certificate from the concerned Police Division. Documents required: Police character certificate.

Attached Copy Using Applicant’s Identity Card (Correct and Attested)
Backup of Parent’s Identity Card (valid and attested)
Applicant’s passport
Latest passport size photos with blue background
If anything related to the above document is missing, then another solution affidavit will be submitted so that action can be taken against the police officers.
Clearance Certificate.

What is the period for issuing police clearance certification?

The issuance period for police clearance eligibility is approx. 10-15 days in less complicated cases, and when there is some evidence,
It also depends on the law and order situation in your city. Why police officers clearance certificate is necessary for police clearance.
Certificates are expected for the following processes.

Police character certificate for immigration procedure
Police character certificate for visa
Police character certificate for marriages in another country
Police character certificate for job and work
Police character certificate for admission
If your current police character certificate is lost and expired. If you have to reapply and you intend to get an Apostille, call us and
we will tell you how to get an Apostille.

Go To Nearest Police Office & Apply

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